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1. Kurşunlu Waterfall

15180 reviews
Kurşunlu Waterfall

Address: Kursunlu Şelalesi, 07119 Aksu/Antalya, Turkey

Schedule: Opens at 08:00

Guy: National reserve

Review: "Antalya-Mersin karayolunun 15'nci kilometresinden sola dönülerek 7 ..."

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We are in a Turkish city. It is a Turkish seaside resort with an Old Port full of yachts and beaches lined with large hotels. It is a gateway to Turkey's southern Mediterranean region, known as the Turquoise Coast because of the color of its waters. In the city, there are still remains of the time when Antalya was an important Roman port. But don't worry, because at we have the solution for everything.
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